The nurturing, protecting embracing love a mother gives her child.

This service is a collaborative service between Owhata Medical Centre, Eastside Community Collective and The Lakes District Health Board. The focus is on young people aged 0 to 18 years, and pregnant women. We provide nursing care to this initiative and we provide the services listed below, alongside the Eastside navigator, which creates a robust system of delivering the services to whanau in need.

Piripoho services include:

  • Free nursing clinic with access to doctor services on Wednesday evening for all conditions for young people aged 0 to 18 years. Free medication is available if needed.
  • Free nursing clinics at Eastside Early Childhood Centres. Free medicine can be provided if needed and delivered to the child’s caregiver at home.
  • Other community initiatives include free care after discharge from hospital, free transport to appointments, free support for pregnant women
  • We provide this not only to our patients, but to all those in need who are living on the east side of Rotorua.

This service gives us the opportunity to support and give access to the children and families who would not otherwise come into medical clinics, and it gives them the opportunity to be seen in any environment that is appropriate and comfortable for the family.